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2005 Harley Sportster!

Two years after taking the rider course, and one year after officially getting my M1, I finally bought my first bike!!!

It was crazy because I originally only went out to CycleGear to buy a helmet and jacket, and I decided to go and look at a couple bikes I’ve been window shopping on Craigslist. The next thing I know, I’m handling the paperwork and having my bike delivered the next day! LoL!

Oh man…it was REALLY scary the first ride. But I got the shaky bugs off after two days riding. Went over to the navy base and practiced leaning into my turns in the empty parking lots. Got the bike over 55mph, and got shifting smoothly down. It’s a lot of fun, and I’m really glad I did it. I just wish I had a better place to store it.

For anyone out there waiting and window shopping, just go for it! You’ll be glad you did!

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  • Tortoise table done!

    Well, the tortoise table is done! I just gotta buy my tortoises now!

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  • It works!

    So i’ve been consciously trying to be more friendly when I’m out in public. And lately it’s been paying off!

    I was shopping for a new shirt, and so I made small talk with one of the workers instead of brushing him off(i.e. “just browsing”). Well, turns out he’s from my same hometown, and he ended up giving me a 20% discount on top of the sale price!

    Then I was buying some steak at the butcher…started chit chatting with the dude, and the next thing I know he gives me a free package of grass fed ground beef! Sweet!

    And then today…went to specialty’s to buy some cookie mix, just came up realy friendly and asked if it came with a free cookie. The girl helping me said, sure why not. =D

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  • another marker reached

    55lbs down. 45lbs to go.

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  • Sleeve idea

    This year I’ve set my complete focus on losing 100lbs. I know I’ve still got work to do, but I know I will achieve this goal soon. The only way I’ve been able to make any progress has been to control, and overcome, any temptation that crosses my path. Discipline is crucial. So the theme of my new sleeve is: “I control my temptations.”

    As a symbol of temptation, I decided I will use Sirens…mermaids. Sirens have always symbolized the tempting call to a man’s destruction. Their beauty and charm lure men in and destroy them. I think crazy, beautiful, feminine mermaids, with a dark side would look great as a sleeve.

    Today I thought about including an octopus which would start around my chest and shoulders, and whose tentacles have captured the mermaid. The octopus is my favorite animal, and I think the water theme goes well together. Controlling my temptations.

    I’ll have to let this idea marinate for a bit…

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  • One whole year!?

    Welcome to the one-post-per-year blog!  Apparently, I now only post on May 24th.

    So what if one whole year went by?  Here’s the 2009 recap:

    1. Went to San Diego thrice.  Said goodbye.
    2. Went to Los Angeles thrice.  Saw Coco live.
    3. Drove 4 hours to go camping and had our van break down.  Swam with a tree.
    4. Visited Chicago for the first time.  Ate pizza.
    5. Went to Las Vegas twice.  Spontaneous sandwich tip FTW.
    6. Threw the 2nd annual Napa Wine Tour.  Almost died.
    7. Learned to ride a motorcycle.
    8. Went to Thailand.  Rode elephants.
    9. Went to Vietnam.  Rode scooters.
    10. Christmas in the Philippines.  Rode whale sharks.

    That’s pretty much it.  You didn’t miss much.

    On another note…got inspired by the HBO series “How to Make it in America”.  The intro is dope, so I decided to test my editing skills and see how close I could get to recreating it.  Here’s the original:

    How To Make It In America Intro from Bert Stragier on Vimeo.

    And here’s my version:

    How to Make it in LA from Winston Dimaano on Vimeo.

    Thanks, and see you next year!!


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  • 2nd Annual Ice Cream Social!

    My friend Monique has her annual Sushi & Sake Bombing birthday bash every April.  It’s a huge event and every year it gets bigger and bigger.  Not being one to miss out on a great party, I make the trip down to San Diego every year and stay with friends.

    This weekend also happens to coincide with TWoG: The Weekend of Gluttony.  That means we eat WHATEVER tickles our fancy;  and in that spirit, we’ve begun the tradition of: “Ice-Cream-Social-Before-Monique’s-Birthday-Party”!!!

    Here’s what you need:

    From Ice Cream Social

    Whipped cream, hot fudge, and bananas…all essentials

    Your favorite flavors of ice cream, brownies, and excited giggles of anticipation

    Crushed oreos and multi-colored sprinkles…monochromic sprinkles are a no-no!

    Naked ice cream! Dress those bad boys up!

    Damn, that is some sexy ice cream

    Enjoy that ice cream like you’re six again and your parents have left you to your own devices.

    Surprisingly, there’s no need to eat anything else until sake bombing starts haha.  Who’d have thought that ice cream would be a great pre-drinking meal.

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  • Holy Shit I’ve Been Slackin’!

    lol, yes this blog is still alive. WTF! It’s a year old already! Well, Happy Fuckin’ Birthday PoppaWinst.com!!

    I can’t promise there to be more updates, but I’m sure there will be. I’ve been lazy and/or overwhelmed with work and hobbies.

    BTW….It’s Thanksgiving again. Check out last year’s menu, it’s pretty much the same lol. That’s how lazy I am…I can’t even link you to my own page that’s already been written a year ago. Damn I’m lazy.

    Pictures. To. Come.

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  • The C0N 2008!

    What’s Dragon C0N you say?? This is Dragon C0N:

    It’s F’in crazy!

    If you want to see it in better quality, go to this link and click on the little “Watch in High Quality” button below the video timer.

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  • New Hong Kong Menu Review

    Would you eat at a place that looked like this:

    I know Matt G. wouldn’t. He wouldn’t even walk down the alley it takes to get over to this place.

    And seriously…is the name of this place really called “New Hong Kong Menu”??? ::shakes head:: oh those Hong Kongians. lol

    Our team manager recommended it. He said it was good and it was a really good deal: the lunch specials were $5. I thought to myself….hmm…well, it’s in Chinatown, I guess cheap food is what you’re supposed to find in Chinatown. Little did I know that they really know how to stretch $5 in Chinatown.

    When you order from the menu, you’re given a choice of about 6-8 items that you get over rice. Ok, I’ll go with the Beef curry over rice. Hopefully it’ll be enough.

    After we ordered, we were all given a little bowl of soup. It was different. I’ve worked in a chinese restaurant and I’ve never had a soup like this. It was tasty, sort of a smoked pork flavor, with beans or something. You never know in chinatown. Who would’ve guessed we got served an amuse bouche course in a $5 Chinatown restaurant for lunch?

    So next my curry came out. Nothing special. It was your typical beef curry, and the rice was a little dry.

    But wait! Twenty seconds later, we get served this bowl of soup! ANOTHER BOWL OF SOUP!? This one had bok choy and wontons! WONTONS! Holy frogs legs in a blue canoe! The simple beef curry over rice just got a lot more interesting with its back-up support.

    Our manager also ordered a dish of pork ribs for all of us to share. These were damn good. I don’t remember what they were called, but it was really, really good.

    Ok this is when I really freaked out. WE GET DESSERT TOO?!?! ::faint:: What kind of Chinese restaurant is this?? Just giving away all this food for $5!!!! I’ve officially freaked out, I’m in shock. We got this lycee or something tapioca thingie, and it was the perfect dessert. It was light, refreshing, and cleansed the palate of the spicy and salty main entrees. We went back a few weeks ago, and they gave us a mango flavored one. It was yum!

    I have to admit, I was really surprised by this lunch. We ended up paying slightly more than $5 since we ordered some extra plates and tipped as well, but it was still a great deal for what we got. If you’re ever wandering down Commercial Street in the City, hit up New Hong Kong Menu for lunch. It’s a good deal.

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